Frequently Asked Questions

How are you environmentally friendly?

Portside Auto Services is committed to being the greenest auto repair shop in Tauranga.


We have always acted as a responsible, environmentally friendly business - even before it was trendy!

At Portisde we take an environmental pledge:

  • We recycle used motor oil and all other used vehicle fluids
  • We recycle our cleaning rags
  • We recycle used lead batteries after replacement
  • We recycle our paper and plastic waste
  • We only clean with green cleaning products

Rest assured - when you come to Portside Auto Services you're choosing sustainability!

How do you make it convenient for ME

Auto Repair that's more convenient for you

convenient-auto-repairFor many of us, auto repair and maintenance is such an inconvenience. Well, at Portside Auto Services, we strive to make auto repair and maintenance easier for you in many ways.

  • Same Day Service is our top priority. We know how important your transportation is to you and how inconvenient it is when your car is in the shop. For that reason, we make every effort possible to get your car serviced the same day. While this is not always possible when situations are beyond our control, we make it one of our top goals.
  • Several courtesy cars available: While we make every attempt to repair your car during the same business day, sometimes we can't. This may be due to the nature of the repair or other reasons. When this happens, we are glad to assist you with a courtesy car. Ask your advisor for full details.
  • While-You-Wait Services. We have services that can be completed while you wait. So, we've created a comfortable waiting room with coffee and refreshments to make it more enjoyable while you wait.
  • Complimentary Shuttle Service. Customers love our shuttle service! It's easy, convenient and quick. All you do is drive your car in for your appointment, and our friendly shuttle driver will get you back home or over to the office in a jiffy. Then, when your car is ready, we'll pick you up and your back on your way in your own car. It's that easy. No need to arrange a ride!
  • Night Drop Off Service. If you can't make it here during our convenient business hours try our after hours drop off service. Phone us for details.
  • Faster In and Out! We are a smaller more personal shop, especially compared to the impersonal dealerships of today. We have a full staff to greet you and quickly process your repair order so you can get in and out of the shop with as little time as possible. This doesn't mean we won't take the time to answer your questions, just that we are sensitive to your time restraints.

What kind of quality can I expect from your auto repair shop?

This is where Portside Auto Services really shines: Quality.

You may already know that the quality of workmanship and the quality of auto repair parts and fluids vary from company to company. This is a very real truth in our business. So, what makes our company different?

  1. We start with the very best parts and fluids. In our industry, you can use parts that cost a fraction of the price of the quality part. There are cheap parts out there that don't last long and have a higher failure rate. We love our customers too much to put this kind of parts (or fluids) into your vehicles. We source the parts and fluids for your car and choose the best for your situation.
  2. We hire skilled and experienced technicians that perform their jobs expertly. We certainly could save a few bucks by hiring the cheapest mechanic around, or maybe bring in an in-training tech, but this isn't looking out for you. We have some of the best technicians around. They don't do the "replace a part and cross your fingers" approach to auto repair. They diagnose the problem using the right equipment and resources available to them. Then they install it using high quality standards that make it last.
  3. We provide our technicians the equipment and resources they need to do the job right. We have invested heavily into the equipment and diagnostic resources that aid our technicians. This way they have the equipment that can help them diagnose the problem with your car quicker and certainly more accurately.
  4. 2year-auto-repair-warrantyWe back our quality with a very unusual warranty: 2 years, 20,000 kilometers. We are so confident in our quality of workmanship and parts, that we easily make our repair warranty much longer than most companies (including dealerships). We know we are a quality establishment and that is why we prove it by backing our work like few companies in this country.

Why should I choose your shop?

choosing auto repair shop

Top reasons to use Portside Auto Services for your auto repair and maintenance.

First, thank you for considering our auto repair shop for your needs. My staff and I greatly appreciate your trust in us. We look forward to providing you with the kind of service you really want from an auto repair shop. We have a great family of loyal customers that have come to depend on us.

Here are the top reasons to choose our shop:

24 Month, 20,000km Warranty.

We believe so strongly in our work that we easily give you a full 2 year or 20,000 km (whichever comes first) warranty on repairs. While most shops only offer a few months, we go the extra miles and truly stand behind our work with this very long warranty.

Very Qualified Technicians.

We have six service technicians, all with extensive auto repair experience. We have Qualified Master Technicians on staff. Our technical staff's qualifications greatly exceed the skills of many other auto repair shops around. Our staff are constantly undergoing training so that we are always up-to-date with late model vehicles.

We are a full service auto repair shop.

We can provide every auto repair and maintenance service from full engine replacements to routine oil change services and tyres.

Same Day service for most repairs and maintenance.

We realise the importance of having transportation. So, we make every effort possible to get your car back to you as soon as possible. Our goal is always to get it back to you the same day. Obviously, there are some situations and repairs that require more than one day. We can provide a courtesy vehicle for your convenience.

Complimentary Shuttle Service.

Don't worry about arranging a ride. Just bring your car to us for your appointment and we will give you a ride to your home or office and pick you up again when your car is ready. Discuss details with your service manager.

Best Quality Parts and Fluids.

While many shops cut every corner they can to increase their profits, we don't sacrifice your safety and peace of mind with inferior products. Our experience tells us that when we do this, we lose customers. This is because they come back because of problems. We know you demand the work done right and you want to depend on it. We do this by using the very best parts and fluids for your auto repairs and maintenance.

Strong investment into equipment.

Having the right equipment is extremely important. It allows us to complete the diagnosis and repair your car properly. Other shops that don't use the right equipment often resort to just replacing parts until the problem is fixed. This results in unnecessary come-backs, and added expense to you when those unneeded parts cannot be returned to the vendors.

We are nice people too.

We speak to you in terns that you understand and thus prevent miscommunication. You can feel free to ask as many questions as you like and rely on us for quality information about your car and the service at hand.