How do you make it convenient for ME

Auto Repair that's more convenient for you

convenient-auto-repairFor many of us, auto repair and maintenance is such an inconvenience. Well, at Portside Auto Services, we strive to make auto repair and maintenance easier for you in many ways.

  • Same Day Service is our top priority. We know how important your transportation is to you and how inconvenient it is when your car is in the shop. For that reason, we make every effort possible to get your car serviced the same day. While this is not always possible when situations are beyond our control, we make it one of our top goals.
  • Several courtesy cars available: While we make every attempt to repair your car during the same business day, sometimes we can't. This may be due to the nature of the repair or other reasons. When this happens, we are glad to assist you with a courtesy car. Ask your advisor for full details.
  • While-You-Wait Services. We have services that can be completed while you wait. So, we've created a comfortable waiting room with coffee and refreshments to make it more enjoyable while you wait.
  • Complimentary Shuttle Service. Customers love our shuttle service! It's easy, convenient and quick. All you do is drive your car in for your appointment, and our friendly shuttle driver will get you back home or over to the office in a jiffy. Then, when your car is ready, we'll pick you up and your back on your way in your own car. It's that easy. No need to arrange a ride!
  • Night Drop Off Service. If you can't make it here during our convenient business hours try our after hours drop off service. Phone us for details.
  • Faster In and Out! We are a smaller more personal shop, especially compared to the impersonal dealerships of today. We have a full staff to greet you and quickly process your repair order so you can get in and out of the shop with as little time as possible. This doesn't mean we won't take the time to answer your questions, just that we are sensitive to your time restraints.